How To Choose Travel Insurance

Before you purchase travel insurance, do a little research. Find out what's covered by your homeowner's insurance, credit card provider or your existing health insurance policy. Homeowner's insurance might cover lost or stolen luggage, but it won't cover other travel-related incidents such as trip cancellation. It's likely your existing health insurance won't cover medical expenses outside of the country.

Once you've determined what coverage you already have, choose travel insurance to fill in the gaps.

How Can I Find The Right Travel Insurance Plan?

What Type of Trip are You Taking?

If you are going up the road to visit Grandma this holiday season, you are most likely not going to need a travel insurance plan. However, if you are flying at any point during this trip to see Grandma, say across the country or to a neighboring region, you should strongly consider insurance.

Trip-Cancellation or Interruption Insurance

A standard trip-cancellation or interruption insurance policy covers the nonrefundable financial penalties or losses you incur when you cancel a prepaid tour or flight for an acceptable reason, such as:

  • You, your travel partner, or a family member cannot travel because of sickness, death, or layoff
  • Your tour company or airline goes out of business or can't perform as promised
  • A family member at home gets sick (check the fine print to see how a family member's pre-existing condition might affect coverage)
  • You miss a flight or need an emergency flight for a reason outside your control (such as a car accident, inclement weather, or a strike)

Take A Look At The Travel Insurance Policy Fine Print

The policy certificate includes details of exactly what's covered, including reasons for cancellations and coverage exclusions. Make sure you read and understand the policy certificate, so you’ll know what’s included and excluded and there are no surprises. You should also have a copy with you during the trip, if something should happen and you need to file a claim. It’s important to remember that not all travel insurance benefits are available in all states.

Types Of Travel Insurance

1. Standard

2. Preferred

3. Premium

Whether you purchase our Standard, Preferred or Premium Plan, having the best travel insurance that addresses your travel needs really pays off when you’re worrying less. And peace of mind is the best investment of all.